Client: Mark Murray, MD, MPA

Location: Mark Murray and Associates, Sacramento, CA

The client

Have you ever had difficulty finding the right medical care, getting the tests you need or been told you have to wait weeks to get an appointment with the right doctor? Ever feel frustrated and lost in the health care system?

Meet Mark Murray, MD, MPA, Principal of Mark Murray and Associates. Dr. Murray has spent a good portion of his career grappling with these issues and formulating solutions to improve both quality of care and waiting time by modifying the process flow within medical facilities.

For 19 years, Dr. Murray worked for one of the nation's leading health care providers, holding numerous positions including Assistant Chief of Medicine and Director of a regional call center serving thousands of people.

Dr. Murray then started his own consulting business, working with medical groups, insurance companies and government organizations around the world. He focuses on reducing wait times and modifying the workflow process to increase efficiency and reduce costs while delivering better, more timely health care.

In business for 15 years, Dr. Murray operates from his small office with a core group of contractors, bringing in additional consultants as needed. Nearly all of his work is done remotely using business equipment purchased from Best Buy®, including a desktop, laptop, printer, video cameras, surge protection and backup.


"My computer unexpectedly crashed. The desktop turned black. Within seven minutes of contacting an agent, an agent connected to my screen. Like a whiz, he explored the depths of my operating system, isolated the problem and eliminated it. Within an hour I was back in business with the corrupted areas restored. It was like magic. These are the best support dollars ever spent." - Mark Murray, MD, MPA

The Challenge

Dr. Murray juggles multiple projects and clients, is in constant communication with people around the world via e-mail and video conferencing, and finds it vital to be available online at all times.

While Dr. Murray is an innovator in the medical community, he confesses he is less accomplished when it comes to electronics and frequently needs assistance and tech support managing his business network and IT.

"If I go down for a day, I'm in a panic. Even if I'm down for an hour, I'm in trouble. It's critical for me to be on top of everything. I have people in different countries and time zones working simultaneously and I'm the hub in the middle of it. Every hour is a working hour. Everything has to be linked and working all the time."

Dr. Murray purchased a Geek Squad® Agent On Site contract for installation and routine maintenance, and was very pleased with the service he received from these scheduled visits, but he also needed to be able to get help immediately if his systems went down after hours or he encountered a technical problem affecting his ability to work.

When a person's business revolves around the process of providing timely care to ensure the well-being of others, obtaining help "soon" is rarely soon enough.

The Solution

As a business customer with ongoing networking needs, Dr. Murray was introduced to Peter Sorensen, a Best Buy For Business Account Manager.

Peter first spoke to Dr. Murray when he experienced a network outage at his business. He had run out of Agent On Site hours in his contract and needed help quickly. Peter reassured him, renewed his contract and located Noah Donish, a Geek Squad® Agent nearby who could perform diagnostics and repairs immediately. Noah was familiar with Dr. Murray's systems from previous calls and got his system up and running in short order.

There are times, though, when Noah or other agents are not available to be on site at a moment's notice, and Peter realized the doctor needed more than a house call.

One weekend in August of 2012, Dr. Murray experienced sudden system problems that rendered him unable to work, and there were no Agents immediately available to come out. He called Peter Sorensen.


"Peter is a godsend. It's been really helpful to have one person to call."

Peter recommended Geek Squad Office Support as a solution and explained the 24/7 online access feature. Dr. Murray quickly agreed and Peter arranged for his Office Support to be activated immediately.

"My computer crashed . . . the screen was covered in error messages. Fortunately, I still had Internet connection. I used my link and connected to BBFB online support. Within seven minutes, an agent connected to my screen. I followed his instructions and he logged into my computer. Like a whiz, he explored the depths of my operating system, isolated the problem and eliminated it. Within an hour I was back in business with the corrupted areas restored. It was like magic. These are the best support dollars ever spent."

The online agent was able to identify problems with his operating system causing the crash, removed viruses and malware, updated software and tools, then restored his system with all information and preferences intact or reset. The technical problems were eradicated, disaster averted, and Dr. Murray was back to doing what he does best.

The Continuing Relationship

Satisfied with his service, Dr. Murray continues to subscribe to both Geek Squad Office Support and Agent On Site, and Peter Sorensen remains his Account Manager, in frequent contact to ensure he always receives the service he requires 24/7-even arranging for knowledgeable backup to step in on the rare occasions when he is unavailable.

"One of the greatest parts in my role as an Account Manager with Best Buy For Business is the opportunity to know my clients. Partnerships with the Geek Squad and our SMB customers are growing ever stronger. This is due in large part to the dedication and level of service all have come to expect from our Geek Squad. As an Account Manager, my role is to be a single point of contact within Best Buy. We work with these Agents every day and want to pass their unique skill sets and capabilities along to more SMB customers. It was to my great pleasure that we were able to assist Dr. Murray, provided and shall continue to provide the highest levels of service."