Hands-on technical help and training is just down the hall

Improve Student Learning With More Classroom Uptime.

Every minute of classroom time is an opportunity for students to learn and teachers to teach. Both are disrupted when classroom technology isn't functioning properly. With Geek Squad® Tech Hub, in-school technical support is just down the hall. Your classrooms won't slow down because of password problems, connectivity issues or technical glitches.

Your Geek Squad Tech Hub agent will be ready to help you fix any student devices. Services include:

  • DEVICE SETUP: Set up and configure the device for basic functionality and first-time use and integration
  • DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE: Full diagnostic of device including testing all software and hardware
  • ONE-ON-ONE TUTORIAL: Demonstrate activities such as basic photo editing, Google Apps for Education administration and Web browsing
  • PASSWORD RESET: Retrieve, reset and set up passwords
  • QUICK FIX: Other needs and service not covered elsewhere such as the removal of task bars, setting-up shortcuts, and additional programs
  • SOFTWARE INSTALL: Install and configure up to five software applications
  • VIRUS REMOVAL & OS REPAIR: Repair any operating system issues and install system updates

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