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Volume Licensing for Software

Simply stated, volume licensing of software makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within an organization. Volume licensing might be for your business if:

  • You have more than 2 employees — although some software companies volume licensing require a minimum of 5,
  • You have multiple workstations using the same software program, and/or
  • You can forecast growth that will necessitate future software purchases.

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To choose the optimal approach for your organization, you must first understand the major characteristics of Volume Licensing policies and programs. Areas for consideration:

  • The size and type of your organization
  • The products you want to license
  • The way in which you want to use those products

Your Best Buy For Business Account Manager can help explore the how your business might benefits from the unique volume licensing agreements currently offered for the specific software you use. Call 1-877-393-1038 for more information.

Save money

By acquiring software licenses through Volume Licensing programs, you only pay for the software license. Boxed software, on the other hand, includes media (the CD-ROM or DVD), a user's guide and other packaging items. Eliminating these physical costs and purchasing in volume often reduces cost and provides more customized purchasing options and improved software management.

Never lose a license again

Remember how you bought that software and then lost the paper license you needed to get the upgrade? Because volume licensing means electronic licensing, you never misplace or accidentally destroy your license.

Make installations and management easier

How many user IDs and passwords can one person remember? Instead, use a single identification to deploy installations and upgrade across your company, and manage your software license portfolios electronically.

Get better training

Many software companies provide enhanced product training and support to their volume license holders than what they offer to their retail customers.

Be compliant with anti-piracy laws

If you are the license holder, even if an employee pirates your business software without your knowledge or your network is hacked and your software illegally copied, you may be held liable. Volume licensing offers greater protection from all piracy, whether intentional or unintentional.

Featured Volume Licensing Partners

Microsoft® Volume Licensing


Microsoft volume licensing for organizations of 5 or more that offers benefits such as subscription services that lower initial investments and provide flexibility, including an entry-level program that allows you to start using the software immediately and pay as you go.

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1-User Boxed Software

If you’re not able to benefit from a volume software license, a retail boxed product might be right for you.
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