Purchasing Options

Your personal Account Manager can help you with both big and small purchases for your business. We can source almost any technology at the most competitive prices for almost any budget.

Best Buy® Business Advantage Account

Purchase items for your business by phone, online or at any Best Buy store. Members receive detailed invoices with Net 30 terms and online payment options. You can also choose to have separate accounts for individual purchasers or allow multiple buyers to purchase under a single account.

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Volume Ordering

Your personal Account Manager can assist your business with every phase of the ordering process. From sourcing difficult-to-find items or technology to high-volume pricing and ordering, we provide the products and services you need to succeed.

Lease And Financing Options

Get the latest technology to keep your business running smoothly—without the upfront cost. Take advantage of flexible lease and financing options on our entire line of business technology solutions including hardware, software, installation and support. We'll help you determine the right payment plan for your needs, with a payment term of up to 5 years and a range of end-of-term options. Plus, you can add on new technology at any time with a simple increase to your monthly payment.

Best Buy outfits a high-tech restaurant with all the fixings.

Custom Procurement Solutions

Connect your organization directly to the Best Buy For Business™ assortment of both consumer- and commercial-grade products. More than just a way to purchase online, Custom Procurement is an integrated system to streamline your business, lower transaction costs and speed the ordering process. With Custom Procurement from Best Buy For Business, you can even leverage our retail locations for store pickup, returns and exchanges, Best Buy delivery and local installation services.
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Delivery Options

There are several options available to get almost any product from us to you. Many businesses have found our multi-location delivery service to be very beneficial. In-store pickup is an option that can save you time and confirm that the product you're looking for is in stock. If you prefer, you can prepay so that either you or an employee can pick it up at your convenience.

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