Deploy dual-funded BYOD programs faster, better and more affordably

Achieve 1:1 Faster With Our First-In-The-Nation Dual-Funded BYOD Program

Combining the best of school-funded 1:1 and family-funded BYOD, our dual-funded BYOD program makes the student device-buying experience more of a win-win. Instead of asking either families or schools to pay the full cost of devices, the dual-funded model allows you to partner on the project. Families and schools split the cost of each student's device and, at the end of the day, the families own the device.

One of the main benefits of the dual-funded model is the control schools have over the device assortment. This level of control decreases the demand for IT support, while increasing the ability of teachers to teach. By controlling the assortment, schools are able to choose the devices that fit into their technology plan, which ensures that all devices will work in the classroom with the chosen curriculum. Additionally, teachers no longer have to act as Level 1 technical support for multiple platforms and operating systems. It helps keep students and teachers focused and on task.

"We knew we wanted to get to 1:1, but we couldn't find a fiscally-responsible plan to get us there. When we came across the dual-funded BYOD program from Best Buy Education®, we knew we'd finally found our solution."
-Penny Pease, Technology Integration Coordinator, Orono Public Schools

"This partnership is so unique and so innovative. It was so successful, with the pilot program last year, that families are inquiring if they can buy more devices-teachers too."
-Tim Berndt, Instructional Technology Specialist, Edina Public Schools

Dual-Funded BYOD Benefits

  • Financial sustainability of dual-funded BYOD makes it possible for schools to save money on device procurement and redistribute those resources to other programs.
  • Dedicated Account Manager works with you every step of the way. Programs are co-launched into the community for increased understanding, support and success.
  • Schools control the device assortment so they can ensure all devices will work with the curriculum and the network, while still providing choice to families.
  • Students choose from the pre-selected device assortment and families are assured the device will work on the school's network.
  • A custom e-procurement site provides a streamlined purchasing experience for all families.

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